FIRST 影展入围剧情长片:老兽(Old Beast)

老兽 Old Beast



摄影|Delvaux Matthias



麻雀创意事务所创始人、导演 (2013-至今)

|Director’s biography

ZHOU Ziyang,Born in 1983.
Graduated from the Art Designing School of Dalian Minzu University.
Worked as Co-owner and Director in Guangyingushi Film Studio from 2007 to 2008;
as Art Director in Gvitech Technology Co., Ltd. from 2011 to 2013; as Founder and Director in Maque Studio from 2013 till present.






|Director’s statement

I was born and raised in the west of Inner Mongolia. There is a plant called Tribulus.
Its spikes cling onto animals’ skin and fur to survive; same way people there are now. They live a better life by harming others.

One day, I learned the misfortune of my relatives’. My cousins held their father in hostage. The whole event is a total bomb for me.

In a time of speedy economic growth, economic capability has become a social value system and evaluation criteria. We are constantly faced with choices, and these choices are full of moral confusion. Finally, all these will affect you and me.

Characters in this film is facing the dilemma like this. No matter human beings or animals, all the living beings are hurt and redeemed by the times, very hard and barbaric. It seems to be the truth of life in our times.

The title ‘Old Beast’ refers to the times, not Yang here.

I loathe the singular value of economic supremacy. I want to show the harm that it had brought onto the family and these individuals. I want to criticize this social formation by a surrealist approach in the realist style to engender my cinematic aesthetics, in a presentation to highlight the surreal quality of Erdos through dreamscapes while telling these real-happened things in the film.




Lao Yang is an Erdosian businessman well in his 60s. He was broke years ago due to local economy decline. One day, he misappropriates a sum of money his children gathered for his wife’s surgery. The children hold him in custody, forcing him to return it back. Lao Yang, outraged, takes them to court… It appears to be a reckless choice, which kicked off the whole family tragedy.



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